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AutoPros.online delivers breaking automotive industry news, reviews and how to’s for professionals, car buyers and enthusiasts in the United States and Canada.

Our History

AutoPros.online was founded in 2020 by a professional mechanic as a grassroots automotive repair and car detailing blog.

In 2022 AutoPros.online was acquired by FunnelProfit LLC. Our editorial team revamped the site design and improved the content to focus on 3 main categories: Automotive News, Reviews of products and vehicles, and How To articles on repairing and modifying vehicles. We established several affiliate partnerships to recommend high quality products and services. The website steadily gained presence on automotive websites, forums and social media.

In 2024 our team began investing in the long term growth of AutoPros.online, launching our flagship newsletter, publishing substantially more content, and growing our email and social media channels. We established a new Advertising and Sponsorship program and a Content Partnership program to expand our revenue and publishing capabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of AutoPros.online is to provide high quality automotive news, reviews and helpful how to content for automotive enthusiasts and professionals in the United States and Canada target markets.

Our Audience

Our audience is highly targeted, rapidly growing and lucrative. The key descriptive factors of our audience are:

  • Interests: automotive, new automobiles, automotive technology, automotive performance, automotive industry, electric vehicles, auto repairs, automotive careers, automotive education, DIY
  • Demographics: primarily male, aged 16-65
  • Geographic Location: 90% United States, 5% Canada, 5% other
  • Language: English
  • Income: $45,000 to $250,000 per year

Our target market is extremely large. There are over 131 million households in the United States. 91.7% (120 million) of U.S. households own at least 1 vehicle, and 22.1% (30 million) of households own 3 or more vehicles, according to Forbes.

Spending patterns of our audience are very high and recurring:

  • The average household in the United States now spends between 10% and 20% of their annual income to finance, maintain, insure and fuel their automobiles, according to Newsweek.
  • The average vehicle owner spends over $8,000 per year to own and drive it, according to Bankrate.
  • Auto enthusiasts in the United States spend over $7 billion per year modifying their cars, According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
  • The average vehicle owner spends over $2,800 per year on basic maintenance and repairs, including oil changes, wiper blades and parts, according to Hearst Publications.
  • The average car owner spends over $2,200 per year on car insurance, according to Bankrate.
  • The average car payment is between $520 and $730 per month in the United States, according to Experian.

With a huge market size and high spending levels, AutoPros.online has a highly attractive audience.

Our Team

Lawrence Klamecki, Editor

Lawrence is a car nut with 20 years of road racing, autocross and wrenching experience. He runs AutoPros.online’s publishing and advertising operations. His racing helmet and driver suit smell like autumn potpurri.

Joseph Savage

Joe Savage, Writer

Joe is an ex-automotive professional with 3+ decades of experience. He started at a tire shop, moved to a dealership and now writes about gearhead stuff. Joe might be savage looking, but he’s just a big puppy dog.

Kobe Brown, Writer

Kobe is a rabid car enthusiast with a strong love for detailing. He keeps up with the latest industry news and new car releases, wishing the fancy concept cars would come to life. Kobe rides a Harley but wants a McLaren.

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