P0104: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Intermittent

P0104 is a trouble code related to the Mass Air Flow sensor. Defined as MAF Circuit Intermittent, this code will make a check-engine light appear on your dashboard. It happens due to the electrical circuit of the MAF sensor sending erratic voltage signal to the ECU.

Related OBD-II Codes: P0100, P0101, P0102, P0103.


  • Vehicle idles at higher RPMs than normal
  • Check-engine light
  • Engine back fire
  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Engine stalling

How to Fix P0104 Error Code

In order to fix and clear trouble code P0104, you’ll need to understand why the MAF sensor would send erratic high voltage output to the ECU.

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  • An air leak in the intake system
  • Faulty or dirty MAF sensor
  • Damaged MAF sensor intake boot
  • Corroded, damaged or loose electrical terminals in the MAF sensor circuit

It’s also important to understand that every make and model will have different causes for this DTC to show up. However, these common causes should point you in the right direction regardless of the vehicle you’re working on.

Check for loose hose clamps holding the intake on, and make sure everything is secured properly. Unplug and then reconnect the MAF sensor to refresh the connection. Check for any broken wires on the harness going to the MAF sensor.

Clear the code and then drive the car to see if it returns. If the code comes back, you will need to test the MAF sensor or possibly clean it. It’s recommended that you remove and clean it if it appears dirty.

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Clear the code and drive the car again to see if the code returns. If it comes back again you’re most likely dealing with a faulty MAF sensor.