P0102: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit/Performance Malfunction

Error code P0102 is defined as “Mass or Circuit Airflow (MAF) Circuit Low Voltage Input”. P0102 is set when there is low voltage output going to the ECM (or ECU, PCM depending on your vehicle) from the MAF sensor.

Related OBD-II Codes: P0100, P0101, P0103, P0104.


  • Engine less responsive
  • Check-engine light
  • Low fuel consumption, which can eventually cause damage to the engine!

How to Fix P0102 Error Code

P0102 can be fixed relatively easy, as it’s usually caused by a dirty air filter or faulty MAF sensor. Pull the MAF sensor, as carbon build-up will collect on the sensor screens, causing the check-engine light.

The Mass Air Flow sensor can be checked without any special tools. Simply start your car, and disconnect the MAF sensor while it’s running. If the car shuts off, then the sensor is working properly. If the car doesn’t shut off, then it’s not operating properly.

Perform a visual inspection of the engine air filter – remove it for a thorough inspection. Unless the air filter is incredibly old and dirty, it’s probably not causing the code to appear. As long as your air filter is changed routinely with your preventative maintenance services, then it’s not likely to be dirty enough for P0102 to set.

Corroded MAF circuit terminals are also a cause for P0102.

Clear the code and run the car after making your repairs. If the code comes back, then try a different repair. The air filter is often the first thing people try to change, but it’s rarely the culprit and the CEL comes back.

Recommended OBDII Reader: SEEKONE SK860 OBD2 Scanner

If none of these repairs work for you, it could be an electrical issue. Inspect the wiring harness to determine if any wiring is damaged.