Replace Your PCV Valve When You Change Your Spark Plugs

So your vehicle isn’t running like it used to, your going through more fuel, and the engine is idling rougher than it should. It’s probably time for a tune-up. Easy enough, go buy the parts or take your car to a local auto repair shop to get the job done.

Just make sure to get the PCV valve replaced! Almost everyone neglects this simple part, that seriously cost less than $10 in most cases. It’s a really cheap part!

What does this part even do?

The “positive crankcase ventilation” valve was created to prevent oil sludge in a vehicle’s engine. Older vehicles used to release the gases from the crankcase into the atmosphere, but newer vehicles have a PCV system that releases the gases back into your intake system where it can get burned in the engine’s combustion chambers.

So the entire PCV system helps both the environment, and your car’s engine. When this valve goes bad, your car may begin to idle rough. It’s important to change the valve when you get a tune-up to prevent any oil sludge build-up in your engine, and prevent your vehicle from running rough.

A properly working PCV valve will actually give your engine more power due to the increase in compression. You see, the PCV valve lets gases exit, while also blocking any gases from re-entering the crankcase. When everything is working properly, your engine will have optimal power and compression.

Finding the right PCV valve for your vehicle

Sometimes, your local auto parts stores won’t carry the PCV valve for your car and you’ll have to order it. This is fine, as Amazon usually has what you need and the 2-day shipping is a blessing. Simply visit Amazon here and select your vehicle to filter parts by your make, model and year.

You can also search RockAuto for the part you need.

Most of the time, you can buy a PCV valve for less than $10 – yes, they are incredibly cheap!

It’s a simple part, it usually screws into the crankcase and has a hose connected to it that runs from the crankcase to the intake manifold. Before you order the part, look up where it’s located on your vehicle and inspect the hose connected to it as well.

If the hose is brittle, then buy a replacement hose for it too. You can often buy the PCV valve and hose together at a discounted price.

Conclusion: A Proper Tune-Up Should Always Include a New PCV Valve

When you perform a tune-up on your car, always include the PCV valve. It’s a simple job to replace one, and it’s affordable. It will prevent damage to your engine, and keep your vehicle running properly. The results from doing a thorough tune-up will be more dramatic than simply changing the spark plugs and calling it a day.