Uneven Tire Wear Causes and How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Uneven tire wear can be the symptom of a suspension problem, bent or damaged wheel, unbalanced wheels, improperly aired tires, or improper wheel alignment. Yeah, it’s definitely worth it to pay for that alignment when you get new tires put on. Most shops will check it for free when replacing tires.

Start Checking Your Wheels and Suspension Now

Your tires are important, and when they go bad you have no choice but to replace them if you want to drive. Fix the uneven tire wear as soon as possible to avoid purchasing new tires all the time.

Check your wheels for any visible damage, as a bent or damaged wheel is likely to cause uneven tire wear. This is more than likely the problem if it only occurs with one of your tires.

Check the alignment on your vehicle. This is something you should pay to have a shop do for you, as they can get the most accurate wheel alignment possible. Does your car steer to the left or right when you’re driving? You probably need an alignment. Hit up Tire Kingdom or your local dealership to get an alignment, it’s not that expensive.

Check your suspension. If the tread is still wearing unevenly after you last had your tires changed and the shop said your alignment was good – then definitely look for worn suspension parts.

Always keep your tires aired to the proper PSI as recommended in your owner’s manual. You can also see the recommended PSI in your driver-side door jamb. Check this, and keep your tires inflated properly to avoid any uneven wear.

Recommended Tire Gauge: TireTek Tire Pressure Gauge

Check Your Tires Once a Week to Prevent Uneven Tire Wear

It takes about 5 minutes to go around and check the air pressure on all your tires. Do this at least once a month, or ideally once a week. Ever been stuck on the side of the road? Had to jack up your car and put the spare on? You never know where you’ll be, it could be the middle of nowhere on some country road. Maybe you’ll have to pull off the road into uneven dirt. It’s not a good time. Check your tires often.

Here is a video that explains the different types of tire wear:

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