Why you need to remove the seats when detailing a dirty car…

Cleaning the floorboard and seats of a car is great, but unless you get under the seats it’s not completely cleaned. See the photo below? The seats are clean but you can still see filth under it from the side view. This is unacceptable in the auto detailing world.

even though the seats are clean you can see its not clean under them

This is exactly why you need to have a basic mechanic tool set handy when detailing cars. If you can’t remove the seat you’ll never get it thoroughly cleaned.

When dealing with a newer car or one that isn’t dirty, you can get away without removing the seats. However if your customer has an extremely dirty car you will need to take the seats off. As you can see in the photo above, even though the seats and most of the floor is clean – you still notice how dirty it is under the seat.

Most customers will want their cars to smell fresh after you detail them. Leaving filth on the floors will most definitely mean you’re leaving a funky smell inside the car. When someone spills a drink in their car, it often runs down the side of the seats where it never gets cleaned properly. Prevent having an upset customer, take care of the entire floor!

After all, its the details that count in this line of work. Removing seats is often part of the job, so never forget to have your tools handy! Customers will always notice the things you miss, so make it a point to NOT miss any detail.

A Few Tips for Cleaning Under the Seats

Removing the seats from a vehicle is actually very simple. There’s usually just 4 bolts/nuts holding them down. Some seats are heavier than others, so it’s wise to have plenty of space and not work in a cramped garage if you know you’re about to take the seats out.

Since you’re detailing a filthy vehicle with stains and other filth on the carpets, you will want to use a drill brush to speed up the process. This will make the extracting process so much easier! Use a strong all-purpose cleaner and go to town with a drill brush before extracting to remove stains. Pay close attention to the areas that are visible, but clean the entire floor for a thorough detail.

Recommended Drill Brush Kit: HIWARE 4pc Drill Brush Car Cleaning Kit

Before you put the seats back in, check underneath them. You never know what kind of junk is stuck on the bottom surfaces of a car seat. Perform a quick clean by wiping the bottom surfaces of the seat. Sometimes there are bits of plastic, wrappers, paper or other debris stuck to the bottoms.

Recommended Carpet Extractor: Bissell Spot Clean Professional

If you have a wet/dry vacuum then you can get away without using a carpet extractor like the Bissell Spot Clean Pro. Simply extract with the vacuum after attacking the carpet with your drill brush. There are many ways to get the job done, find out what works for you.