Myth or Fact: Changing Oil Brands and Switching To and From Synthetic

You’ve probably been told that changing oil brands will damage your engine by an old-school or shade-tree mechanic (no hate, just sayin’), at least once. It’s a common belief, and people swear changing brands will kill your engine. But, is this actually true?

Will changing oil brands damage your engine?

No. It doesn’t matter what brand of oil you use. People change brands all the time. Castrol, Mobil 1, Amsoil, etc. You can literally use a different brand every time – and nothing bad will happen to your engine!

It’s important to use the viscosity grade and type of oil your vehicle calls for though. So if it calls for 5w20, then you can use 5w20 synthetic or conventional.

Will switching from conventional to synthetic hurt your engine?

No. In fact, you can change from synthetic to conventional oil as well. It’s ideal to use synthetic, but the most important thing is to change your oil every 3-5k miles.

Are synthetic oils superior in extremely cold temperatures?

Synthetic oils are superior and will provide your engine with better protection and lubrication during the cold months of the year. That’s because synthetic oil flows better than conventional oil in extreme temperatures.

So if it’s -50 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the synthetic oil will be superior and keep your engine protected. If you’re using conventional oil during extremely cold temperatures, you must let your car warm up well before moving it, as the oil will take longer to warm up and flow through the moving parts properly.

What are the best motor oils to use during winter?

Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil – Mobile 1 offers the best overall protection for your engine.

Castrol GTX MAGNATEC – This oil is more affordable and will get the job done.

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic – Valvoline is another good one that will keep your engine protected better than any conventional oil.

Amsoil and Pennzoil offer the best protection of all, but they will cost you a small fortune. Just make sure to change your oil frequently and do proper preventative maintenance on your vehicle to keep it running longer. It’s cheaper to spoil your car with the best oil than to buy a new car or fix a damaged engine.